Upgrading HP Proliant ILO100i Firmware and Reset User and Password

(Last Updated On: Th4 14, 2018)

Hello all of you, today I would like to guide you upgrade the firmware for HP Lo110 and then will reset the login information.

And also because this is the first article i write in English on this website so my grammar is not good. I hope you will ignore this inconvenience.

I bought an old server about 2 months ago, it is the HP Dl160g6 server. The installation of the operating system on it completely normal and everything is working very stable that I have no complaints at all. However, there was a problem that happened when I put a my server in a place away from my house. I need a complete and comprehensive remote control like install the operating system for it remotely via the CD drive located on my personal computer and I also want to get into the BIOS remotely. and I forgot to set IPMI on my server. And of course, buying an old server is a hassle, as I can not log in with the default HP Lo110i account (username:admin, password:admin). So I decided to upgrade the firmware for HP-Ilo100i card and then i reset username and password to log into the IPMI management page.

First, we reset a account management HP ILO110 with IPMITool.

You can boot a system with SystemRescueCd or another Linux CD have a IPMITool package.

When system booted with Live CD, you can use this command:

ipmitool user list

Above command list all users installed on the iLO. In some cases, you will change the command to:

ipmitool user list 1


ipmitool user list 2

This may be a bug in the IPMItool, but the problem is not serious and we are still in control of the situation.

Then you change a password if you forgot or you do not know the password set by the previous users:

ipmitool user set password [ID of User]

Then you enable a user:

ipmitool user enable [ID user]

In any case, you can use the command:

ipmitool user

==> You will be able to see the suffixes command to change the privileges on a user ID, name of user,…

Then you can Login to BMC management page to Control your server remotely.

If you want a remote with GUI on server like you see it display on screen. You can download M2.JAR.


You need a live CD have a package ipmitool to run IPMITool

And now we’re working on upgrade firmware for the HP ilo100i card.

First you download the latest firmware, you search on Google and select the page with results from HP.

Extract the downloaded file to a directory such as D: / firmware

Follow the instructions from the HP website:

  • Download the package “Firmware Upgrade for HP ProLiant G6 Lights-Out 100 Remote Management (For USB Key-Media)” of the server one wishes to flash.
  • Extract the contents on to a folder.
  • Navigate on CMD (Command Prompt) to the folder where the contents were extracted, and go to to the folder “ROMPaq Flat Files”.
  • Compress the ROMPaq. The command syntax will be the following:

As an example, if using SP47550, the command would be:

ROMPAQ /D CPQO2702.43A LO100.bin

However, if you are on Windows 7, 8, or 10 then you will receive the following error immediately:

This may seem like a challenge that HP created to limit the creation of executable files.

Do not worry, we will create a virtual environment of DOS with DOSBox.

You can download DOSBox at here.

Then, we run a DOSBox from Windows 10:

Now mount the D:\ firmware directory to DOSBox:

mount x d:\firmware

Then you change a folder named ROMPaq Flat Files to ROM (There are no spaces between words, no special characters).

And we will use the following command to create the ILO100.BIN file:


Now, we have a ILO100.BIN file with approximately 4096KB.

The next step is to install TFTPD32. HP ILO100 will receive the upgrade file from TFTP server. This is like recovery the router when you bricked it.

You can download and instal TFTPD32 from here.

Then we put the created file (LO100.bin) on the root of an TFTPD32 server.

Then we run a TFTPD32, Launch Putty and connect to ILO100 using telnet:


We successfully connected to the ILO card via telnet.


cd map1
cd firmware
load -source // -oemhpfiletype csr

With is your PC computer run TFTP32D. You can find your IP address with command ipconfig/all on CMD.

ILO100 will now flash new firmware and reboot after few minute. Your server fan may be rotate very quickly.

Now after a few minutes we connect to the BMC management site:

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